export to maya?

i’m trying to export an object to maya in obj format and that doesn’t work with the script in blender 2.34?

any clues?

Just exported a suzanne, and it exports just fine. (I can’t test it with maya tho.)
I will also ask you to be more specific about what your problem is. Does the script not generate and ob file? Is the obj file corrupt?


you might try this:


export .wings >export from wings to .obj

well, the export work from blender but this crap of maya can not open it (error in the first line) i’ll try the export script mentionned to see if it works better. But the file is good, i opened it in another app

You have to be sure to import the obj into Maya, not open it, although you probably know that :slight_smile:

you couls also try DXF - AFAIR the dwg/dxf import plugin is either distributet with maya and needs to be activated from the plugins settings, or you need to download it from highend3d.com.


VRML is good for Max, not sure about Maya but you might want to try.