export to .psk

Hello everybody.

To make a (very very very) long story short, i want to export something from blender into psk. Actually, no, i just want to create a weapon (and later, many) in the unrealed 3 (yes, the one for ut2004, so no fbx).

But, blender throw to me a lot of errors.

The lastest error is : “Less than three bones may crash UDK (legacy issue?)”
This prevent the file from being created. Note that i tried to go into the code and kill this verification by replacing the throw by a print (but why an unanimated weapon should have more than one bone anyway ?) and i get a file in the output but … when i load it into the udk it’s like i have an empty file (i don’t see my model).

Before that, i got some errors about “Normal coplanar with face! points:” but after i raped blender and my model enough it disappeared.

I am using blender 2.68.

I tried to use a 2.65, but then i get an other error: “Armature bones:1 Mesh Vertex Groups:0 doesn’t match!”

Here is the .blend file.
assault.blend (1.56 MB)

I work with sketchup for the modelling (i tried blender several times and … argh, i just want to throw my computer through the window again… i HATE blender, to be honest). I started to use it about a month ago (a bit more) and you can check some of my work here http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/search?viewer=1654852939953283568204753 )

So, my question is : what should i do ? How to have this .psk file (and many other after this one, i need a method as i will need to do that a lot of time) ?

P.S. : btw, i am french and i know that my english is not perfect (really poor actually), don’t focus on the grammar please.