Export to real-time program


which real-time GI rendering program has the “fastest” procedure for exporting complete scenes made in blender?


does anyone know at least one tutorial of exporting a blender scene to marmoset toolbag 4?

if i import from blender to marmoset toolbag by .fbx, is it possible to export the model with textures?
and open the marmoset toolbag with the applied textures?
is it possible to do this with a scene with several objects? opening everything at once?

in the case of procedural textures: do I have to bake?

Blender can export textures in fbx format with some limitations.
This is from the blender manual and explains what can be exported:

I think this was added from 2.82 up.

Yes you have to bake the textures to images for them to export. You can not export noise, veroni, musgrave etc or any other complex node setups without baking them to images.
Once you have your images you can plug them into the Principled BSDF and they will export.
For tutorials google “Blender export fbx with textures”!

Basically you have to turn your texture into a pbr setup, with images for diffuse, metallic, roughness, normal map etc and UV wrap them to you object.

is it possible to export entire scenes, by .fbx, at once with blender textures to the marmoset toolbag?

I do not have Marmoset and do not know how much information it will import from FBX format, but blender can export multiple objects lamps cameras empties armatures etc in fbx format. When you click on export to fbx you can choose what to export in the settings that show up in the dialog that pops up.
I know the textures will work for cinema 4d but only in the newer versions.
Edit: to export the image textures properly you have to set the path to them correctly and include a texture folder with the images.