Export to SVG format

Is there a way to export a render to SVG? I tried using freestyle to SVG, but when i open the SVG file in inkscape, the lines aren’t connected and the fills are distorted.

Did you try the addon? It connects the faces, unlike the Freestyle svg export. You’ll have to play around with the settings to get what you want. Remember that this addon exports what is in your current view, not necessarily the camera, and it will export selected objects only. Here are the settings that I use:

Thanks. Do you have a newer version? I don’t have the “order faces” option. Also, when I save to svg, the colour of the material looks off.

I got the script from the link I sent. Yes, the colors will be off, but what I usually do is export a traditional render and then pick the colors from that within Adobe Illustrator, or just make my own. I mainly want the vector lines – I can change the colors easily in my vector program.

One thing to be aware of: if your normals are not facing the view in Blender, you’ll get some weirdness when you export the SVG, or you may even get a blank file.