Export UV Layout = Blank Image

Hi all,

I’m trying to export out my UV layout. For some reason its deciding it doesn’t want to work. I did it the other day no problem.

Select all in UV edit, then export UV layout, but I’m left with a blank image with nothing in it.

Any ideas?

Using 2.8 - As I say, it was working the other day.

Well… you know, i know nothing unless you describe it in detail…
(which OS, build hash# & preferably a file ready to run/test).

With blender-2.80.0-git.11f2c65128dc-windows64 there’s no issue - UV Layout exports fine.

Resurrecting this necro-thread because I’m having the same problem in 2.90.1.

I can’t even LOCATE “UV Layout Export”.

Had the same problem, but I found the solution. In the UV Editor select all, then export.

It took a little while to find, since it’s not the menu where everything else is saved or loaded. Thanks.

Hey, devs, functions can be in TWO places. :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: