Export UV Layout - Faces are WAY off from real location.

So I exported the faces to a 1024x1024 UV PNG. . .however I noticed a strange thing. The UVs are a good 5px’s UP and 5px’s LEFT then where they should be. . I compared them to a exported face layout from 3DS Max, and a basic look at a texture itself, and the UV export is not true to the real UVs at all. Granted, 5pixels might not SEEM like a lot. . but when you’re making a percise texture like that for a mechanical object, it can be rather annoying.

Any way to fix this strange issue? maybe Im not seeing a certain offset value or something?


This was a problem with the PNG feature. The clusters were solid, while the background was transparent. Therefore, if you Select all and copy the layer into your texture layer, you wont get a true 1024x1024 map, Photoshop likes to “auto-crop” transparent selections and this was causing my mysterious UV offset error.