export with objects sep


Ive tried separating all objects in the scene before export,but when i load the model into other apps, it still loads as just one model mesh.

How can i retain all the indicidual objects i have in my scene on load into another application?



Not really sure the best way to do that.

One thing you could do that may work out is
to save each object as a seperate .blend file.
Then open one and export then import.


How come blender doesnt export a mesh heirachy?? Its a real pain, that my model gets exported as one unit, rather than with a hierachy indicating each part and section of the model. I havent got the hang of texturing in blender yet, so i wish to load my model into another program to texture the parts, but becasuse the model is exporting as one piece, makes this process impossible.

Anyone know how to solve this?



Can someone help please?

You don’t say which format, but if it’s 3ds you might get what you want from this: