Export with transparent background to Tiff

Wondering as I have exported a nice design for use in Photoshop, but trying to solve this by selecting with magic wand is nearly an impossible task. I could smoothen it, but maybe there is a way to set the background transparent and then simply export as tiff with Alpha?

Are you talking about Blender rendered images?
If yes, enable RGBA and KEY buttons and save in TGA or PNG formats.

Um kindof.

You can’t get a tiff out this way, though you can get a png or a targa.

You’ll need to use the Node Editor to pull this off.

  • First, find your ANIM button, and click the ‘Do Composite’ button below it

  • Open the Node Editor, click on the ‘composite nodes’ button (pic of a face) then click ‘Use nodes’.

  • You should now have two empty boxes connected together. Hit F12 to populate them

  • Right-click the ‘RenderLayer’ box, then hit space Add->Output->FileOutput

  • Change the file type, and if wanted, the output directory that’s in the box above. (by default, the image will end up in C: mp\frame_number.extension on a windows machine or /tmp/frame_number.extension on a linux box.

E.g - frame 1 rendered, output --> C: mp\0001.png

EDIT: Oh, much better solution OTO. Thanks