Exported 60fps game is slowing down to 10fps! in UPBGE

please reply and help me.thank you
how i run my exported UPBGE game on Nvidia graphic card.Please help me.I set my game to 60fps.but ,it is decreasing to about 10 fps while runing.Why ?.(sorry for my bad english
my ram_8gb
my vga_4gb

Can you link a blend file and tell us what version of UPBGE are you using? Thanks.

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The game will run as fast as it can. If it can’t render fast enough, then it will drop frames.

The question is: why is it dropping frames. This can be due to things like:

  • Lots of game logic (logic)
  • Lots of scene entities (scenegraph or rasterizer)
  • Lots of playing animations (animations)
  • Lots of physics entities or triangle collision meshes (physics)
  • Lots of complex shaders, filters/effects, lights and shadows (GPU Latency)

The profiler can help you figure out what is causing it.

Generally if things slow down over time it is an indication that something is changing over time - this can be that you are adding objects (eg bullets) and never removing them properly.

Or once I got caught where I was appending a collision callback every frame. It had no effect other than that after 10 minutes or so that function was getting called hundreds of thousands of time per frame and slowing everything down.

Another one I’ve been caught by is that Intel’s turbo-boost disables after a couple minutes. So if it runs fine for exactly two minutes then starts running badly, then you’re in the magic space where it plays fine when you test it, but you can’t play through a whole level properly!


Thanks very much :pray::kissing_heart:

if there is a asset improperly packed - it can spam error messages

this is expensive