Exported OBJ model not properly displayed in FBX viewer


I’m trying to export a complex 3D model to the OBJ format.

I don’t have Maya or 3Ds Max to test it so I downloaded FBX viewer and my model is not showing correctly. It looks like this.

There are a lot of missing pieces there and they only appear if you turn on Wireframe mode. My normals are correct. I used the default settings to export the model. I used blender 2.8. Also if I import the obj model into blender it appears all black and I can’t find a way to edit the materials.

This model is for sale, so I don’t want any potential buyer to run into these problems when they open the obj file in maya, 3dsmax or any other 3d software. I also offer FBX and the Blende file and they work correctly, only this one is giving me problems.


I have had the black issue exactly as you describe, but not the missing pieces problem. As far as I can work out, Blender’s OBJ export function is broken. I had issues with importing an OBJ saved from Blender into Daz Studio. No matter what I did I could not get the smoothing sorted on it. It just looked like a lump of marshmallow. I imported the object into Wings 3D and then exported it straight out again without doing anything to it. On import into Daz Studio it then worked perfectly. Maybe try that with your model?