Exported UV Layout is Blank

Hello all,

I’m having an issue when trying to export my UV layout. The resulting image that is produced has data in it (it’s 700+kb) but has nothing visible in it, just a blank canvas.

My model is already UV mapped and it’s working fine, and I’ve been able to export the UV layout with no problems less than a week ago with no noticeable changes.

The steps I’ve followed to export the layout:

  • Switch to UV Editing screen layout
  • Put the 3D View into Edit mode
  • Select all vertices in 3D View
  • Double check that all vertices are also selected in UV Editor
  • Click on UVs > Export UV Layout
  • Save the file as a .png with “All UVs” option selected and Fill Opacity at 0.25

I’m using Blender 2.76b.

Any assistance in figuring out what’s going wrong would be much appreciated.