[Exporter] Chaos Corona for Blender 3.0 - BCorona v1.9


I have no material preview for some reason?

Hi. If you’re using Corona standalone 3.0 (not Corona standalone v1.6 e.g.) with texture assigned on material then you cannot see the texture inside Material preview. Just not assign texture to node for see material preview.

That’s great thanks odil

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Released v1.7 on first post!

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For some reason, in version 1.7, I can’t see any effect when rendering, and I can’t see the material in preview mode.

Hi. It is normal that you cannot see the material in the material preview panel. I think you didn’t pasted Corona Standalone v3.0 exe file on addon path folder. Also It doesn’t supported interactive rendering mode.

Hi, where can I download this file?


this is my first time installing the Corona render engine.
This is the warning that Blender shows me.

Can you navigate me on how to fix it?
Thank you!

Hi. Which version of BCorona do you using and which version of Blender?


I am using Blender 3.1.0. and V.1.5.5.

Today I tried to install V.1.7. and the same warning appears-

Thank you

Try to use v1.7 and Blender v3.2.0alpha

I did it! Thank you!
When I click on Check Textures in Corona Scene Data it still shows me the same warning but this time can render image.

Hope that is ok.

Thank you for your help!

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Hello Odil,

I have this error and I plugged in the UV node same problem with the earlier post but still, I get the same error… I am using version 1.7 with blender 3.1.2…

Thank you so much!


Hi @Eigh
Are you also tried to unplug UV output socket from Bump input socket?

yes, still doesn’t work…

@odil24 Awesome work, man. Can you pause and resume renderings with Corona for Blender?

From what I see you would like to rendering inside viewport? If so it doesn’t support Interactive rendering inside 3D viewport. From other hand try to delete material and create from preset shaders (Corona Matte or so) and try to assign texture for Diffuse color and for Bump and finally first export objects, materials, configuration and hit finally Render image button.


Doesn’t tested but you can via Corona frame buffer I guess or not.