[Exporter] Chaos Corona for Blender 3.0 - BCorona v1.9

v3.0 is save previews if it has not textures applied but if else so it cannot save and shows error

well, as you can see in my image, even w/o textures there’s an empty preview slot
staying w/ Blender 2.79 for Corona for time being and keeping an eye on this one

keep up the good work :muscle: :+1:

Do you plan to fully support latest versions & features?

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I discussed with CTeam about Corona 8 and they are answered me they are busy with v8.0 development and when they are finished v8.0 then they are release doc for that. For now it is impossible.


Ah, yes, looks like they still haven’t updated their SA docs.

"Last modified: 2018/09/10 "

Thanks again :slight_smile:

I’ve a problem with Hue/Sat node. I got this error and the standalone doesn’t start.

I attach a simple scene file (you have to put a texture as it’s not packed with file)
testingCorona.zip (116.8 KB)

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Will check when I will be at home. Ok?

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Don’t worry.
I’m not using it in a paid work, just personal test…so take your time.


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Actually if you guys using Hue/Saturation node so you must add Tonemap Node before Hue/Saturation node!!!

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Thank you. Now no more error.
Anyway, I’ve tried your setup but changing the Hue/Sat node settings didn’t change anything.

This is my setup.

For the 2 test renders I’ve used 2 extreme settings. One with all the values at minimun and one at maximum, but nothing change on rendering.

Where am I wrong?

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Hi, can you tell me, please:

  1. How to turn on and off caustics?
  2. Also Idk why but it says that it still 1.5.2 version but I installed 1.5.5. Did I do something wrong?
  3. Last question - Does this version correspond to the Corona 7?


  1. It is not problem. I just forgot to update the version name ))
  2. No, It is only works with v1.6, v3.0 (Standalone).

New v1.6 is out on first post! Read with carefuly!



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Continuing the discussion from Corona Renderer for Blender 3.0 - BCorona 3SE v1.6 is out for Blender 3.2.0 alpha:

Hey! they’re great results and i recently downloaded and installed Corona for blender. Though one issue that I am facing with it is the Interactive Rendering not working? I have to hit render again after making changes unlike our beloved cycles which can show real time changes. is there some issue with my corona or is it yet to be implemented?


Yes Interactive rendering is very important

Hi. Sorry, but I can’t promise anything about this.

Interior scene by @jokotriyono
Made in Blender
Rendered using Corona Renderer for Blender 3.0