[Exporter] Chaos Corona for Blender 3.0 - BCorona v1.9

Same here… did you find a solution?

No, actually I haven’t spent time on it anymore.

Hi, I just downloaded v1.5.5

Using Blender 3.0 on Windows 10

Is it another render engine like Cycles? May I know the difference?

I am using Ryzen 5600H and Nvidia 1650. Thanks.

Hi @meetdilip! Somehow, it is not exactly render engine as you said but also an exporter for Blender 3.x which is export as SCN (scene file format) for Corona renderer 3.0 standalone readable-format. It is CPU-based render engine not GPU/CPU (Hybrid) like Cycles. BUT it can make photorealistic-like images with fastest method using all CPU cores on board. Surprisengly it is much more faster render engine on CPU than other.

Note: checkout corona-renderer.com for more info.

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Thanks. The Telegram link won’t open on PC, right?

No, it works fine. Just need to create an account for seeing.

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Hi Odilkhan,

how can i use the alpha channel on the universal shader?

As my PC is cannot run for some unknown reason I can’t show you how to do this. When I will fix an issue I will show you how to do that.


I have no material preview for some reason?

Hi. If you’re using Corona standalone 3.0 (not Corona standalone v1.6 e.g.) with texture assigned on material then you cannot see the texture inside Material preview. Just not assign texture to node for see material preview.

That’s great thanks odil

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Released v1.7 on first post!

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For some reason, in version 1.7, I can’t see any effect when rendering, and I can’t see the material in preview mode.

Hi. It is normal that you cannot see the material in the material preview panel. I think you didn’t pasted Corona Standalone v3.0 exe file on addon path folder. Also It doesn’t supported interactive rendering mode.

Hi, where can I download this file?