Exporter problems...

I’m trying to export my model + animation to .3ds and .obj. However, smoothing and animation doesn’t seem to get into the export… how do I fix this?


It’s pretty vital that I get this to work…

Hello Milky,
I have the same request as you, did you find the answer of your question ?
I would like to export anim to *.wrl or *.x3d
Thanks for futures reply,

I posted the same question here: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=77245

Seems to be a basic and common task, so why no answers?

I still haven’t solved this.

Thanks Milky to reply,

I worked since on some real time 3D with Blender ( congrats to the develloper team for the last integration of a cool Baker and more UV option ! Geniously thinked and powerfull , I win more 30% of time production ) .

To export anim with X3D use BS Exporter python plugin :

I hope all of you will find this answer praticable.