Exporter Questions

I am interested in writing an export script to .B3D(3DBlitz). I am not a programmer, but I am looking at scripts and learning slowly!!
My question is general.
I see the latest .x export script gets all the information from Blender(mesh data,texture,animation)that I want to export, and rewrites it to .x form. Obvious I know. I also have an open source B3D export plugin for milkshape that gets the same info from milkshape and rewrites to B3D, its in c++. Now the question is do the script and plugin have all the information in their code to write a python script for Blender that exports to B3D? Can this be answered generally? It seems to me if I can understand how the plugin is writing the data then it could be applied in python.

EDIT-- I just found this
that should help.