Exporter script?.

Hi I need to know wich exporters you know of for skeletal animation.
I can use these three formats
I tried the gandalf exporter but I kept getting python script errors.
And the .x exporter that’s bundled does’nt export animation.
Thanks for any help:D.


Blender’s .x default exporter does support skeletal animation but it’s… errr… difficult to get it working, you have to do things just right.

I use Gandalfs .b3d exporter and find it works flawlessly and is pretty straight forward to get working. Boned animation, NLA animations, vertex colours, UV maps (2 sets of UV co-ords) … this exporter does it all perfectly.

What python errors are you getting? It does require a full python install for a start.



SyntaxError: unknown encoding: cp1252

Which python pack should I install if I have windows XP professional?.
Could someone show me a link to it?.

I got python installed, but the script still won’t work. Does python need to be installed in the same directory as blender?.