Exporter with armatures and uv map support????

I need to export a character with UV mapping and Armatures to 3D Studio Max 6.0. What is the best exporter to do it?

As soon as Doom3 is released (August 3rd), I’ll release a MD5 import script for 3dmax. In conjunction with the md5 export script that I already released, that should do the job.
There’s no standard fileformat for skeletal animated characters that includes the skeleton structure, so going the way via a game engine format is the best option. Maybe you can also use MD3 already.

edit: oh right, I just saw your other thread. Extrudeface’s advice about the .x format is a good option (and that IS kind of a standard fileformat that can hold skeletal characters). I think a .x exporter that exports skeletons was mentioned here some time ago…

I have been testing it for Ben Omari, and he has solved a lot of issues…Only the one remaining now is the need of the armature must have same position origin and rotation…set to zero, i don’t need if that also…last time I spoke to him he was trying to fix that also…

I have already tested that t works :slight_smile:

I think it’s great that noth exporters exist.

the x exports I have been carefully testing that work in both skinned mesh viewer of ms sdk v9, and in v8 mview.exe viewer. Irrlicht users need to resave any x file with that last one, anyway, to ensure stuff (you can load with Wine, surely) x can be used multiplatform, is not needed the sdlk or any ms stuff. It’s a free format, also. No need of the dx library of irrlicht either, as far as I am concerned…I think if I understood well, can be used with its opengl one.

Some engines like Neoengine, and some coders I know, support only md5, while other, like Irrlicht and Dark basic Pro, are really interested in the news about the x exporter, as their engines deal totally with x files for character with weights export…I’ve been asked in both places for a final version, and allowed to give it in forums by Ben, but funny I am such a disordered person I am not sure now which was the very latest beta version… :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

I think ben told he was now on summer holidays, I’d expect him having fun somewhere … [from here, have a nice time, Ben :slight_smile: :smiley: ]

I have not a real personal interest in irrlicht for makng my projects, but the comunity there is really gentle; wanted to help them.Also, I think the irrlicht engine has a bright future.

I mself have lots of more tools for dealing with x (like ultimate unwrap) Anyay, I already mentioned the md5 format to the author of Ultimate, but haven’t recieve an answer. Anyway , he already added several weighted formats.

But I hope more and more engines support md5 too; I’m advicing it as a format to other engine comunities, mainly as you made a blender exporter for it.

If 3ds max could import its own format ASE, Then it would not be so hard to do this.

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I’m not aware that ASE can hold skeletal meshes… or that there’s an ASE exporter for Blender that supports that.

at least, typical ase implementations do not have bone sin ASE…

der_ton, you said once Doom3 is out (it’s coming…! :wink: ) you’d release an md5 importer…may this be a way for what he’s asking for?

there’s a gmax and max mds importer (rtcw format, also with bones and weights) But there’s not blender mds exporter.

Yep that’s why I mentioned it. It turns out the md5 syntax changed for the final version of Doom3, so it’ll take a bit until these changes are reflected in the scripts.

I need to export a character with UV mapping and Armatures to 3D Studio Max 6.0. What is the best exporter to do it?
I updated the blender->md5 exporter, and in combination with the md5 importer for 3dsmax, you can get your result. You could even transfer animated cameras from Blender to 3dsmax. :slight_smile: