Exporters web page address?

(jms) #1

I know where I can find povray script exporter
but where are exactly the most recent blenderman’s
script , lightflow’s and vlight’s ones?


(Waffler) #2

Yeah! Where are these scripts!?!? I keep hearing people talk about how great and wonderful some python script is, but I have no clue as to where to find any of them. Why should I forever remain out of the loop?

(SirDude) #3


(jms) #4

The link to the LF script is dead.


(S68) #5

Search a post by eeshlo

click on the small house beneath (his home page)

thats’ it :slight_smile:


(theeth) #6


it’s there


(eeshlo) #7

The virtualight scrip is in the standard distrubution, I don’t know if you can get it separately. As for the LF script, I could send you the as yet unreleased code if that is of any help to you. Your code has certainly helped me a lot, both for learning python and as inspiration for this script as well, maybe you would recognize some parts of it…