Exporting 1080p video with VSE

I have 85 frames of 1080p images that I want to render out as a test. However, when I hit the button to render the animation Blender crashes. I have tried all kinds of different video and codec options, and I can’t get my frames to render out into a movie file. does anyone know what this might be?

Note, the frames themselves are rendered to PNG image. I just need to put them together

Could you post the blend file? I’d like to try to render it and see if it crashes.

You can increase the memory limit the sequence editor uses in your preferences, the default is 128 MB which isnt much if you are working on full HD.

CTRL+Alt+U --> System tab --> Memory cashe limit

I can’t really upload the blend file, because all my frames use 287 MB of space. Right now I’m experimenting with different video editors.

You don’t really need to upload anything or try some other NLE if creating a video file out of an image sequence is your primary goal.

Here’s a few pointers:
#1. test with another image sequence of the same type (i.e. pngs). Does it render out a video file without errors?
#2. test with a different container format + video codec combo
#3. use a stable version of blender for your OS
#4. try a recent build from buildot.blender.org

This is pretty elementary and should work out of the box and I do confirm that it does work out of the box.

If none of the above works then report back here so we can give more suggestions.

HitFilm 2 Express will import an image sequence. It’s free.

This is a new computer, and I haven’t done much rendering with it, so I actually don’t have any other image sequences to try. (It was just a test anyways)

I have tried different formats and codecs, I tried a different build, but they don’t work. I even upped the Ram usage.

I do remember in the past when I had it working, most of the video codecs wouldn’t work. It could be that I’m continually picking bad combinations, (but I doubt that) I used a different Video editor for my test, so all is well at the moment.

I figured it out. It turns out you have to uncheck “Border” under the Aspect Ratio