Exporting 3D obj - incl image


I’m just a beginner. But I’m really stuck.

I’m trying to do my own animation that is similar to the one on videocopilot (below).

So, I’m creating the 3D model that I want to import to After Effects.
But I need the OBJ model to be able to display images on one of the meshes like in the video above…

Its a fairly basic knowledge for you I’m sure but its killing me to try and get this solved…
I did the tutorial at this link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUf-0z6Ne_M) but its not the same OBJ as I want from the video copilot video at the top…

If you can help me or send me in the right direction, that’d be great…


Welcome to the forums. Allow me explain the situation. First off all, you will not be able to import the actual OBJ file into After Effects directly. Many have tried, all have failed. It’s mainly due to the part that After Effects itself is not a 3d Modeling program. You can mimic it, but it will not be the same. There are actually two ways to get a 3D model into After Effects.

Number 1:
There is an After Effects Plugin for Blender that allows you create an After Effects Script that can bring the view of the file into the program. However, you will not be able to manipulate it since the script itself only shows the animation once imported by After Effects.

Number 2: You will have to recreate the 3d model into Cineware 4D Lite. It’s a tag along program that is built into After Effects itself. Unless you know the interface well, you are going to have a difficult time making it. To access the program, go into After Effects and start a new comp. Go to File, New, and select Maxwell 4d File. It will create the file, once you save it, and you will be brought into the program.

I’ve tried to pull of the same idea and exhausted all available options. These are the only paths you can take to get a 3d model into After Effects.

Also, you have posted your question in the wrong section. Good luck.