exporting .3ds file type no animation

Hi ive been using blender 2.74 and i rigged my model and animate it and when i tried to export it to .3ds format there’s no animation/keyframe exported. While i’m using 3dsmax I rigged my model and animate it and exported to .3ds format there’s an animation on it. Can someone help me how to export a .3ds format using blender with animation? or theres any addon script for blender to export .3ds file format that support animation? :eek:

The .3ds export does not support animation. Why do you need this format instead of something like .obj or .fbx

If you need to use .3ds and 3dsmax exports exactly what you want then 3dsmax is more suitable to your needs, just use that

I need 3ds file for my project. i need animation on it. while the 3dsmax preserved animation on exporting to 3ds format but im not good using 3dsmax. is there any addons for the blender to export .3ds that support animation?