exporting a blender GLSL shader to use it in other GLSL programs

Hello, i am working on a game, as you may already know (due to the large amount of posts asking for help), however my game became too big for the Blender Game Engine, and i had to port it to Unity3D, and i was wondering if i could export all the cool GLSL shaders that exist in Blender, to Unity. So i get that awesome skies Shader, and Realtime Reflection and all.

Hi Thales Krüger,

Have you seen this page, please:

Yes, but i don’t mean to export a material to GLSL, i mean to export the very GLSL shaders that are used inside Blender, such as SSAO GLSL Shader, and such, or the martinsh GLSL SkyShader.

Blender only have this material shader and don’t have a build in SSAO GLSL Shader (except 2D Filters). For SSAO or the SkyShader a custom shader is used. You only have to search and download martinsh or the other shaders from the resources section.

Blender 2D Filters:
RAS_OpenGLFilters.zip (10.3 KB)