Exporting a blender model/scene to OpenGL ES

I’m tryig to develop an app for the Android OS (just for fun :D)… and i would like to test the 3d potential of my htc Magic by using OpenGL ES 3d graphic libaries.
I made a simple scene in blender: a little mountain with 2 waterfalls falling in a lake… it is low-poly of course, and i used low-res textures and no material or advanced options… but now i don’t know what to do… i couldn’t find useful informations on the web… so i posted here. I want to export my scene to a format that Android and OpenGL ES can read, load and render…

Thank you for any reccomandation…

P.S. I know that on iPhone you have to export your model to a simple header file in objectiveC… Android is based on java so maybe i have to do the same thing with java… i don’t know

first a disclaimer:
I know nothing about programming or exporters and the like, but ( there’s always a but)…

Android OS is based on a Linux core
Htc is a Risc/Arm technology/chip powered machine
So, most probably you’ll need a dedicated SDK?!
You’re a lucky person, there’s a FREE one available, here:

And lots of docs…and probably one about how to get/compile 3D apps/demos/objects
And start with a basic cube, maybe?


thank you, but as i wrote in the post, i’m currently developing an app, so i already have the official sdk… And i’m reading about the ndk… the documentation about 3d isn’t much useful so I decided to post here…

Well, I guess that you’re a bit confused?..
Anyway, if you’re developing an app you must know how to compile one?
I’ve read that there’s a little 3D/Open GL ES demo/file ( a rotating cube), in some folder of the SDK…try to compile it and make it run in the phone, maybe?!

I know about that demo and I already tried it… a procedurally genereted rotating cube is note what i want… i need to import a model… however I just found a useful forum, and I’m understanding something more.
Thank you