Exporting A Cell Fractured OBJ - Please help!

Hey guys,

So I made a 3d logo in Blender, applied cell fracture, and everything looked good. When I export as an obj, however, it exports it as a giant cube. I have tried many times with the same result. Any insight on how to remedy this? Thank you very much!

When you export have you selected all the separate pieces and enabled ‘Selection Only’ in the obj export settings. Otherwise you would also be exporting any other objects in your scene

As I’m sure you are aware it is usual to supply more useful info than you currently have in your post. Attach or post a link to your blend file just before you export as well as the obj file so we are able to see what you can see !


I apologize for my vagueness. Below are the link to my blend file and obj export:

To be more specific, I’m trying to export the cell fractured object for use with Element 3D within After Effects. After checking ‘Selection Only’, it imported as the right shape (without giant cube around it) but when I textured it it seemed like it did not have any faces. You could ‘see through’ in to the back and inside walls. I am exported with the following options checked:

Selection Only, Apply Modifiers, Include Edges, Include UVs, Write Materials, Objects and OBJ Objects, and Keep Vertex Order.

I’m sure I’m just messing up the export somehow. Thanks for your help thus far and I look forward to seeing if you can figure this out.