exporting a collada file in 2.58

I am having a bit of an issue exporting a collada file in 2.58. I was using 2.72 and collada expoert was simple you selected the part you wanted to export and away you went. in 2.58 after I rig the piece of clothes or what ever and i hit export, it doesnt give me the option to export just the selected item, also I have noticed when I import an xml file for a mesh shape and I try to transfer weights to a piece of clothing it just automatically does it, are these just setting issues that can be fixed or has the interface changed that much? what I am doing is building clothes for a custom mesh avatar in secondlife and with the xml file all the weights and bone positions are correct for my avatar in second life.

I had to switch back to 2.58 because thats the only version that the wiz daxter plug in will work in

do I just need to save the mesh avatar and skeleton and then import it as a mesh object to 2.72?

I am completely lost just when i thought i had it down enough to function this problem occurs

any help will be appreciated