Exporting a curve from Geometry Nodes

Hi everybody, I was so happy to discover Geo Nodes… I’ve made a panel in python to create jigsaw puzzles with curves. I also use blender to deform it and then export it in SVG with another script, then Inkscape and finaly cut it with a laser cutter. My script works well but is very limitated and will become too complicated if I try to add more functions.
When I heard about Geo Nodes, I knew immediatly all my problems would be solved. But reality seems to be crual, curves are meshes anyway for the modifier, applying a Geo Node modifier with created cuves in it doesn’t apply instanced curves, remains only the object curve supporting the modifier.
Am I right or wrong ?
Thank you for your help, Atoude from Pyrenees, France

Not jet.
Tried too, couse there are many things what possible in geo nodes that doesent in corel or ilustrator or inkscape.
I’ve seen someone started to develope a node based 2d vector app.