Exporting a DDS texture (for a NIF mesh)

Hello everybody

I am new on this forum.
I have been looking for the solutions already, but I am bored from my search.
So, do you know how I could export a DDS texture ?? I need to texture a model for the game Morrowind, I can export the NIF file (mesh) but I would like its texture in a DDS file
(I UV-map or paint the texture sometimes…)
Thanks for your help !!

You are better off saving as tga and using other software to convert to dds. nVidia/photoshop/Gimp or ATI/AMD’s Compressionator.

Usually you don’t edit a DDS once it is saved. Also dds has a few formats so you might want to read up on which format Morrowind prefers.

thanks for your answer, Waternz I will try this !

Hi. You might wanna try out DDS Converter. http://cs.elderscrolls.com/constwiki/index.php/DDS_Tools#DDS_Converter_2.1

This will be quite useful, thanks ! ^^