Exporting a game on Mac to have Windows play

So I made a game on my Mac and I have a few trusted friends that are going to test it out for me, the problem however is they all have windows. And not only that, when I try to export my game and followed the steps to make it a Mac app, it gives me an error.

I followed this video on youtube to then try and see if exporting it as a windows file will work. I am pretty sure that it would have if I didn’t have the error to export normally in the first place. I am at the point where if no one knows how to fix this I am just going to have to give up on months of work…

Here is the youtube video I watched and followed exactly to export the file in .exe on my Mac.

Well i don’t know a direct answer(i don’t export to other OS), but why give up? so many ways you can try.

  1. install windows on an separate HDD (dual boot)
  2. install a virtual machine on you mac and install windows on it.
  3. go to one of your friends and export it there
  4. ask someone from here to export it for you (option 3 is the better one).

You get my point.

And if all else fails. And it probably won’t. One of those 4 options will probably work. theres always the nuclear option. You could always port your game to a different game engine.
Yeah, it’s like starting over, that sucks. But you already have your assets, textures, etc.
Those will import into UE4, Unity, etc. And you already know your game mechanics.
Not saying it will be easy. But it is an option.

yeah you can install windows in the same pc just a nother hardrive , i have 2 windows in 2 hardrive
32bits and 46 bits, and i swtich between thim evry time i need,
just like what @Cotaks said
thin export it .

i DONT recommend the dual boot idea if you arent computer savy. doing this is an easy and fast way to accidentally wipe your hard drive.

Thank you everyone for all the tips! And I think my only option from the sound of it is to make it on unity. Which I am learning Unity right now so it might be a good project to start on it. And I really don’t feel comfortable with the dual boot or having someone on here do it for me. As much as it might help, I rather go the safe way. Like theoldguy said, it would probably work, and it seems to be the best option.

Can you install Blender on one of your friends computers and export from that?

The two things that I had to change when going from Windows to OSX were the file paths for resources, and the libraries (had to download the same libraries for the other platform). You might not need to fix anything, but the easiest way to find out would be to run the project on a Windows computer and look at the errors.

I have a basic (no extra libraries, all resources packed) project I’m working on at the moment that I made distributable for my friends last night on Windows. All I did was take the Blender installation, put my game in it, delete Blender.exe, and thew in a bat file that launched my .blend with blenderplayer.exe. Then, zip it all up and send it over.

You could always buy a cheap used windows box. I bought one on Craigslist for $50.
Cleaned a ton of malware off it. (with the help of Bleepingcomputer.com)
Then just put the game on an external drive from my mac, to the Win box. That was back in 2010.

That used PC, also helped me optimize a game for weaker PCs. Make a game on the Mac, see how poorly it plays on the weaker PC, re-make the game so it runs better.

Unity is great at packaging games. It was quick easy and painless. But everything is done by code. C#, Unityscript (diferent from javascript last I used it) Playmaker was a visual scripting addon that cost $$. Maybe thats changed now. I use UE4 now.

Sadly, there seems to be a stigma with Blender. I have read where gamers won’t even DL a free game if it was built in Blender. Much less, pay $$ for the game. Even though Blender is capable of making a decent game.