Exporting a game on mac

How do you export a game for macs?
The only option I can find is .exe, which wouldn’t work in my case because it has to be for mac.

Well, you have to have a Mac to export it for Mac, I think. Same thing with Linux, although it’s far easier to port your game to Linux, I think. What I would recommend is downloading Oracle’s VirtualBox (free) to run Blender in a Linux operating system like Ubuntu (also free). Then, share the game source blend folder across the OS’s and export the executable on Linux.

EDIT: I was thinking that since you can select your BlenderPlayer executable it’s possible that you could select the Mac runtime and compile the Blend with that, but Mac apps don’t work the same way as Windows apps - they’re structured differently…

Mac versions of blender can export Mac apps. That said, Mac apps are simply zipped files; open one, replace the game.blend (inside Contents/Resources) with your own, re-zip, and play on a Mac!

Thanks a lot guys! :smiley:

I dont understand, Can you play BGE games without blender on a mac? :S

Yes you can play apps exported from a mac version of blender

how? i’m on a mac too.

Enable the ‘Save as Runtime’ addon and then there will be an option in the Export menu

I found the add-on, but whenever i press save as runtime, i can’t find my .app file. where is it? i tried it like 4 times. And i even saved it to desktop, but with no luck.

^^ Same :frowning:

Make sure you are using the latest version of blender and in the export settings, make sure the Player Path correctly points to the blenderplayer.app that comes with the latest version of blender.


I did that and I hit save but now where do I find and play the game? :S

Where did you save it to? Also, it might be erroring out to the console (maybe). Try getting the console up to see (go into the Blender package, then navigate into .blender and execute THAT Blender executable - that will run Blender with the console, if I recall).

I saved it, I found it (its now a .exe). Wine (Mac app to allow .exe files to be opened) cant open it! :frowning: Anyway thanks for the help.

I hope there’s a plugin exclusively for macs. :frowning:

I hope there’s a plugin exclusively for macs
There is. When I use the addon that comes with the latest version of blender, for me it saves a .app

Is it possible you could do a youtube tutorial on this? It would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Video demo using a clean install of blender http://youtu.be/L0H4u5qmj_w?hd=1

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Thanks so much

thank you too. I think you need the blender player to be in the same folder. LOL.