Exporting a plane with video texture as glb is not working

HI! I really would appreciate your help with this .
I added a simple MP4 video to a plane
MP4 is 3MB 1000x100
When I try to export as GLB the plane is not playing the animation
Here are settings screenshots
Is there anything I am missing?

In your offset field, for the video texture, set it to #frame

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Thank you ! can u be more precise? I tried to change the 0 value in the offset field to 1 and also to 175 but it didn’t work :frowning:

you need to very literally type exactly “#frame” into the Offset value (without the quotes)

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The Blender GLB exporter doesn’t support the MP4 format I think, at least in terms of animations. Only 1 frame would be embedded in its file source.



I did abd got a security warning but it didn’t work either:( here r my export settings :

I think @RPaladin is right here, I don’t think you’re going to be able to export your video to this format, sorry!

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Is there another-format i can use ?! I need a video texture on my glb mayb .mov?

I don’t think so. A GLB, similar to OBJ or FBX are merely formats that store 3D data. What I would suggest is this:

  • Export your model with a placeholder texture - it can be an empty, generated image.
  • In your other software like Unity or Babylon.js (or whichever you’re using), when you import your model, import the video file as well.
  • Once both are imported; separately, dynamically assign the video as your model’s texture.

Finally, make sure your other software actually supports animated files. Perhaps it only supports the GIF format for animated frames, who knows.


Unfortunately i don’t use any of the softwars u mentioned:( all i want is a video playing in the metaverse , forget abt the glb. Tgere must b a way

As I mentioned, I stated those sofwares as metaphorical examples.

  • First of all. glTF is not supported by the metaverse.
  • Secondly, while they do say they supported video, I’m not entirely sure which formats listed support video in terms of embedding.

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I think USDZ supports video files, but it doesn’t look like that’s online with this platform yet anyway :thinking:


have you tried if an image sequence is working?

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I don’t know about ur metaverse but mine does support gltf :slight_smile: here is what they recommend will try it :

If a 3D model relies on external files besides the .gltf file (like .bin or .png files) compress all the relevant files for the 3D model into a .zip file. Then import only this .zip file into the Builder.

Thanks anyway:)!

think that would work how would i do it?! Add gif instead of mp4?

Well I havent tested it, but in gltf the imagedata is directly embedded within the file, so depending on the state of the importer/exporter its supported/written to the export file or not. In principle you can set the image node in blenders shading tab to image sequence and add some images that should have an continous numbering ( fileformat could be png or jpg). But as I said, that may or may not work ( there are quite some possible pitfalls,blenders exporter has to write it and the importer must be able to read it. And I am even not sure if that kind of setup is supported in gltf /glb itself)


Their documentation says to pack video into your glTF file. But Blender cannot do that.

They do however mention the exact same setup I proposed: to externally upload and assign the video file to your model’s material as a replacement texture.


There is no support for video or GIF textures in the glTF file format today — exporters won’t be able to write them, and importers won’t be able to read them. The format does allow custom extensions, so if you’re willing to mod the glTF Blender exporter and your viewing application a bit you could get it to work, but that’s advanced. There is some proposed work happening for glTF to allow UV scrolling and spritesheet/flipboard animation types.

I don’t know that USD is explicit about which texture format types it officially allows, but in practice I haven’t seen a USDZ workflow that supports video either.

They do however mention the exact same setup I proposed: to externally upload and assign the video file to your model’s material as a replacement texture.

I think that is the best option at this time. :+1:

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Hey i tought of something maybb with your help it can work:)?! I backed the video frames , I selected all frames and made sure to select in graph editor action and added a cycle modifier. WHen i exported the glb , it didn’t export the frames:( anything I need to do ?

otherwise I externally uploaded the video file , now all i need to do is use that same video as texture in blender on a plane then zip both video and glb and pray that this time it will work!:pray::pray::joy::joy: is there anyhting else I need to do to make it work ?
video is webm nnow maybe more compatible withb blender ?

The only way of exporting modifiers is to apply them, baking them into the scene. I don’t think that’ll work here. Unfortunately I still don’t think there are any export formats that allow video textures, regardless of what Blender internally supports.