Exporting a skeletal mesh from Blender for use in the latest version of Unreal


I’m trying to export a skeletal mesh which i have rigged and begun animating in Blender, but am having trouble importing this skeletal mesh into the latest version of Unreal 227 (the original Unreal).

As far as i know, Unreal, like with UT99, imports skeletal meshes in .psk/.psa format. I am using a .psk/.psa exporter, but when importing the model through the UCC.exe commandlet, the result is basically just a wedge/diamond object that bears no resemblance to the charactor i’m trying to import.

(The character in question)

I am using blender version 2.72, with the psk/psa exporter by Darknet.

Maybe there’s something I’m doing wrong? I hope there’s somebody able to shed light on this subject.

Thanks for the help in advance.