Exporting a textured blender file into Unity

(Sorry It’s a long read)

Hey guys,
I am new to blender- only been working with it a few months so please be patient as I am a complete noob. Anyway so my friends and I are working on a little project in Unity, and I modelled a battleaxe in blender. So I made the battleaxe and everything is good- it’s finished and textured, so I exported it and gave it to my friend who imported it into Unity, it worked- but there were no textures.
I know what I have to do, I need to make a UV map of the texture and put that into Unity which will make my object textured… but I can’t. This is hard to explain so bare with me.
When I made the axe I made it in two separate parts- the handle and the axehead, I used an image of an axehead and UV textured the head, and just used a normal texture for the handle (I didn’t UV map the handle!). Now, I then joined the two separate pieces into one object. So my question is, how do you make a UV map if the object has two separate textures? And you used two separate images to UV texture them? sorry if you can’t understand this- I just can’t explain it well enough

unwrap both of the parts of axe in one uv map (unity support 2 uv maps. 1 for texture, 2nd for Lightmap) and bake your texture on file. load in unity (make sure, your axe material is shared among both parts.)

Other option is to use 2 seperate materials (an overhead in unity). 1 for unwrapped object. other for without unwrap (u can directly assign any color to an object in unity).