Exporting a textured Mesh using OpenFlight Exporter

I’m not able to export a textured mesh as an OpenFlight file. Although the mesh is textured correctly and rendering the scene results in a picture, in which the mesh is textured, I am not able to configure the exporter in such a way, that the texture is being exported too. Exporting the mesh works fine, but the texture is missing.
Can anybody tell me, how I’m able to export the texture too?
Greets, idontwantaname

hello. a quick search for ‘openflight’ on the forum leads to this thread: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=128459&highlight=openflight



Thank you for the link! I’ve used the search but somehow I didn’t come across this thread. I will try to get my model working tomorrow!

Greets, idontwantaname