Exporting an animation

I have some trouble exporting an animation to play on a HDTV. I am using Blender Video Editor to load an image sequence of uncompressed pixel art style images. The images are pixel perfect, meaning there is no anti-aliasing in the image. I would like the same output in my video files, so when I load the animation onto the TV it looks just as good. I have very limited to about no knowledge of video filters and I would like to know if someone can help me setup Blender for the best output. I have been working at it hard to figure it out, so as to not waste time, here is what I have or know so far.

My image format has to be an AVI and it has to be encoded with H.264. When I setup Blender, I load an image sequence in the Video Editor and then render the animation back in the Default View. Blender is in Blender Internal mode, but this is not important, since most settings don’t apply to the images. However, I set the anti-aliasing off.

The result I get is a smoothed video (just enough for it to be uncomfortable to view), and in some cases it looks blurred. I know enough that this has to do with the filter used, and I don’t know how to tweak the H.264 codec and so on.

If you have rendered a video of pixel art style clean graphics with no anti-aliasing, can you please tell me what the best setup is for Blender. If you think some other software would be better, I would be interested to know. But if Blender can do it, I prefer Blender.

I have tried Toonboom Animate and Toonboom studio, with no luck. This certainly is because I don’t understand something, but I Googled the hell out of the Internet and I just can’t figure this out. I don’t have the proper terminology to know what to do.

As a last remark. I have seen ultra sharp and clean videos using H.264 so the codec is fine, but there are no complete explanations on how someone renders out thos videos. Also, the TV only handles jpegs and H.264 avi’s.

You would do better to export as an image sequence then use a dedicated compressor to stick them all together. As Blender’s ffmpeg is quite limited, however you could try bumping up the bitrate to overcome artifacts.