Exporting Anim with Mac

hey, I’m hoping to export an animation pieced together in the Video Sequence Editor from blender. The animation also has a .wav file as sound.

I’ve never done this on a mac… and am just now realizing all of the tools that the mac version doesn’t have available. No FFMpeg? Isn’t that the only output blender had that was capable of exporting sound?

Is there anyway of exporting my vid with sound? It’s just a music clip thats synced to it, so if I had to I could sync the video and audio in something else… but whats free for mac for this kind of stuff?

Hey decius, I’m using a Mac too and I have the option to export as FFMpeg, so maybe it’s something else?

Is your version of Blender up to date?

sure is, using 2.45 here. Here’s a screenshot of my output options:
Maybe I’m just missing something obvious? :confused:

Also, no AVI Codec option? How lame…

QuickTime Pro? Not free though. I do like this: