Exporting animated armatures with geo,


I created an animation where one boxy shape unfolds and another larger boxy shape unfolds out of it. See the attached mp4. I got the animation working and I’m trying to export it as an fbx. It seems to be breaking and I can’t figure out why?

My blender -rigging and animation skills- are pretty rough so I imagine this could be some sort of transform issue?

I’m trying to do this with an armature and with the geo skinned to that armature.

BoneRigTest_v01-04.blend (984.2 KB)

BoneRigTest_v01-04_Same-Scene-Imported.blend (895.2 KB)

Figured out that my geo wasn’t actually skinned to those bones! -crickets-

looks like blender can only export one bone armature per fbx file. I had two in that file and when I finally did get it to work only one comes thru with a working skin…