Exporting animation to DirectX (.x) format

I want to export an .x file that has my mesh, the armature that controls it and the armature’s animation data. However, when I export the file, I get everything else, except the animation. There are lines in the .x file for each bone that have the animation data for all the frames, but nothing HAPPENS in the data.
Here are the files that demonstrate my problem - when I export that .blend file (using Omari’s included DirectX exporter - Anim, Swap zy, Flip z, Bl.normals, Export All), I get that .x file. And as is apparent in the file, I get my armature and mesh and materials ok, but the animation keys have static data instead of the wiggling I made in blender.
How would I get the animation to export? Are there some limitations to the script that I’m not aware of or something?

Edit: Solved. Solution was to have an open 3D view window while running the script. Heh.

Hey there. I found this remarkably similar to an issue I’m having (right down to the use of the word “wiggling”!). I started a thread about it a week or so ago (http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=94664), but no responses. I have an simple cube animation called Wiggle, but when I export, I see no trace of this action in the resulting .X file. I do believe, though, that I have a 3D window open during the export. Is there some other definition of open, or some other requirement? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

hi did you ever figure out this problem, i have the same issue now, with animations not exporting with .x file, looking at the varaible with a debugger the number of animations is zero, any help is appreciated, am new to blender.