exporting animation

I’m searching for a way to import animation from another 3d modeler.
Is this possible?

which one?

md5 for max.

*.x for xsi and Max (dunno if Maya)

there’s an exporter supporting animation in milkshape3d format.

you can import md2 and md3 in Max and gmax, if I can remember well.

The only thing is to collect the needed plugin/s for the format/workflow.

Most of those packages neither import all that natively but with their free plugins: often you’ll need the blender exporter and the Package importer.

OH! To import INTO blender…I dunno. Ben was making an x importer. That one and md5 are the most common .

Md5 is exported by gmax, max, maya(having doom game), xsi(having doom game), several others.

*.x is exported by max, maya, xsi, lightwave, messiah(standalone non render version) , 3d canvas, character fx, several others.

I don’t know if der_ton made an md5 blender importer also. Neither at which point is the ben’s x importer.

I know as I have tested that md2 imported nicely into Blender. as well as exported. And I think I tested a good md3 animation EXPORTER. I think there wasnt an importer with full animation of md3.

md2 and md3 are exported by all packages, practically, using certain free plugins, as allways.

And anyway, every format has its issues. Md2 an dmd3 are vertex based, no bones and weights get imported.

MD5 is the more advanced.

I want to import an animation from 3ds max (7) into blender