Exporting Animation ?


I have spent quite a bit of time working on making a model for a flight simulation game . I haven’t so far given much thought to how to handle animation of some of the parts of the model.
I am getting concerned that there is no way to export animation data to one of the Blender export file formats. I know I should have asked this question before I spent a lot of time on my model, but I really hadnt thought it would be an issue.

Does anyone know of a way of exporting a model animation. e.g Aileron rotation to a file that I can then maybe convert into an appropriated format. I checked on the ASE file export by reading the Ascii output file (hasnt got a Blender import option). The file looks just like model data, no obvious animation information

This would be a killer blow for me in using Blender instead of 3DS Max if we cant export animations :confused: Hopefully I am wrong, or someone can suggest a workaround.

Thanks for any assistance

Regards Geoff

Hello Geoff,

The FBX format, which you can export to from Blender (you can’t import it, however), should be able to store your animation data. I’ve even heard it can store armature data so that you can transfer a complete character animation setup from one software program to another seamlessly…


Depending on what formats you’re using, or if you’re writing your own engine for the flight simulator, you could use Ogre .xml, using the exporter here. It exports armatures, animations, materials, and meshes. I’m not sure if it really helps, I’m not exactly sure what you’re hoping to export to.


I am still badly stuck with the anim problem here.

For info, the flightsim is Bob2, I have got my static Blender model into the game, this is a screenshot of an in game render.

I used the .ac format for the transfer into Bob2 as this seemed quite solid for static non animated models.


As .ac didnt really seem suitable for animations, I had a look into .X format
For my model I need to keep the plane split into lots of separate objects, this seems to cause the .X exporter big problems. Here is a screenie of what I see if I look at the exported plane in a 3d viewing App.


The meshes look ok but all sub-object translations and rotations are screwed

If I re-import this back into Blender, it corrupts it even further. Very Bumpy landing here !! :smiley:


So the .X format might be able to cope with the anims I need, but I cant even get just my static model exported. I read some note about parenting objects to make it work, so I tried a simple scene of a couple of objects parented in different ways, but even with the simple scene, it screws up the translations.

Anyone got any ideas how to export and import muliple object meshes with .X ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Regards Geoff