Exporting Animation?

Hi, i am new to blender and hav got a problem.

The problem is that i hav created a simple walk cycle within blender using the armature system. The animation works fine within blender but wen i try to export it thats wen it goes wrong.

I have tried 3DS with no luck and .x file type where it will export the animation but the body is all disformed, ie the legs are facing the wrong way and r upside down.

True be told im a programmer so if u got any answer plz explain, also i can sent u the blend file, just leave ur email.


I have actually been experimenting with exporting animations recently. I am going between Blender and Maya though, not Max. I find that if I export an FBX file, I can import the model, UV layout, armature and animation pretty well. I’ve only done simple tests with this, but I did an animation in Blender that involved an IK solver and it imported correctly. I doubt any constraints would import, but if you do the whole animation correctly, it should work out. I haven’t been able to import any skinning data, so I would have to re-attach the rig in Maya.

So if the 3ds exporter isn’t working for you, you may want to try the Autodesk FBX format. I don’t know if Max can import that, but Autodesk makes both software packages, so it is possible.

ok thanks for the help