Exporting animations for Delphi/OpenGL

New release of TRIPLE DASH GARLIC 3D!





  • Wonderful collision detection system (non-polygonal technology using Z-Buffer)
  • Collision response
  • Software bone weight skinning
  • Materials with glsl shader support
  • Python script for exporting 3D models and animations from Blender 2.45

Download: http://www.igrodel.ru/tdg3d/tdg-2008-3-13.zip (1mb)
Download latest: http://www.igrodel.ru/tdg3d/

I’ve created some tools that allow to load skeletal animated models in Delphi using OpenGL API and exgine.dll. It’s only second release of my new 3DNFT loader and exporter. I think that it can be useful for Delphi programmers. Basic exporting script nft_export.py exports meshes, armature, animations and textures. Demo program example.dpr made with Delphi shows how to load NFT model and play animations. Certainly, it is not the best exporter/loader. I tested it with some *.blend models from the net. I will be happy to hear your suggestions or comments about my work. :eyebrowlift:
Here it is:

New version released. Now with quaternion support. Plus some script for easy modelling with metaballs. Sorry, only russian tutorial included.
Now it’s time for downloading: http://www.igrodel.ru/files/nft-mocap-2008-1-9.7z

update http://www.igrodel.ru/files/nft2008-1-14.7z

New! latest release: DOWNLOAD: http://www.igrodel.ru/upload/myengine-2008-2-20.zip (771kb) Now with collision detection demo!!!

New release avilable!


TripleDashGarlic 2008.3.2

  • added materials support
  • added external GLSL shaders support
  • global variables moved to myvariables.pas
  • tested on Delphi Turbo Explorer
  • renamed MyEngine to TripleDashGarlic

please comment!

new release (see post N 1)

v 2008/3/13

  • improved collision detection module integration
  • better object loading code: different objects can use one model
  • better triangle rendering code: no more glBegin-glEnd per triangle
  • added relative path support for models (now data files saved in ‘.\media’ directory)
  • added alpha scripting and ai interfaces
  • fixed color problem

v 2008/3/21

  • new more powerful functions added
  • added post-processing shader functions
  • better GLSL shader support
  • collision detection improvements
  • fixed material management errors
  • some changes in nft_export.py for Blender 2.45



download: http://www.igrodel.ru/tdg3d/

v 2008/4/5

  • added simple dynamic Ambient Occlusion example
  • added cameraPosition flag to shader parser
  • few bugs fixed


Ready to export Tangent Space Normal Maps from Blender:

http://www.igrodel.ru/tdg3d/tdg2008-9-5c.zip (2.3mb)


  • added Half-Life 2 SMD loader
  • removed shaders (NO_SHADER_EDITION) for old PCs

Added HL2 SMD FACIAL ANIMATION (*.vta) support: http://www.igrodel.ru/files/tdg2008-9-19.rar