Exporting Animations to .X

I am trying to export a blender model to the .x format however I am having trouble with exporting its animations. I’ve made several diferent animations in the action editor however I’ve found out that only the selected action/keyframes/the one that is viewable/selected gets exported.

Now what I am trying to do is have a regular game character model. Like with death, attack and walk animations, I am able to create them in blender but I have to export them individually selecting one at a time and then joining them by editing the .x file’s animation sets in a notepad which is incredibly tedious work. An even more tedious method I found was to export all the animations stacked into a single long one and again edit the .x file to separate them. Is there a more conventional/simple way of achieving this? Of getting all the model’s different(and separated) animations out of blender?