Exporting animations

is it possible to export animations done in other Packages (such as XSI, Maya, LW, 3ds Max, C4D, etc ) to Blender ? Modelling, texturing done in Blender, but getting animation from other packages of those characters/objects (I dont know if thats possible, but since theres people importing Motion Capture files between 3d plataforms, I’m suposing from what I hear people saying, I Would like to know, if we could do the same, even if in Motion Capture format)

The topic could also be Importing Animation

Thanks :slight_smile:

This topic could also be posted in the right place.

Artwork -> Animations: Post your animations and show them to the world (You are Here)

Support -> Animations: Questions & Answers about Blender Animation.

I mean really, how much time does it take to read the above?

Hi, thanks for the tip.

Never realised that. I’m going to start posting there then.