Exporting Archipack models to UnrealEngine

Taking the discussion from the Archipack thread about exporting models created with this add-on into UnrealEngine (Archipack 2.2 for blender 2.8 RELEASE)

Hi again @filibis
thanks for your suggestion, I tried the datasmith add-on but it wasn’t working as I thought it should work… I also followed @stephen_leger tips about removing the references and applying holes but still the models were not imported as built in Blender. I then created parent-children relationships manually, one by one (a bit annoying) and exported the final structure as .FBX file. That worked!
@stephen_leger, do you think it could be possible to create parent-children relationships automatically when we are ready for exporting an archipack model?
Cheers and thanks again for your help,

Hi Boris,
Looks like the “native” importer expect a blender 2.79 file.

I need more information about the issue in exported model.
Are geometry all centered at 0,0 ?

What about either

  • skip the remove reference point step
  • select all geometry but door panels and window panels, and apply transform ?