Exporting armature to MD3 and Cal3D


I am using Blender 2.4.6 and I have created an animation with an armature-based model (fleur.blend). I would like to export to MD3. I have already gotten the MD3 export Python script and exported it successfully to Irrlicht. However, I exported as a total model and I did not break it into 3 parts - head, upper and lower. What I want to know is how do I split one whole complete model into the 3 parts normally required by MD3 format?

Also, I know there are various tags to each bone which in Blender shows up as Empty. What is an Empty and how do I use it in relation to MD3 models?

The various animations I have done for my armature model (before export to MD3) include Frames 1 to 10 for standing still, Frames 21 to 40 for walking and Frames 41 to 60 for running. How do I export all of these to MD3?

Finally how do I convert a armature-based (bone-based?) model such as MD4, MD5 or Cal3D to vertex or mesh-based like MD3? What are the basic conversion processes involved?

Thanks once again for all your help!

Ezani from Malaysia