exporting as game!!!!

hi, hello all, can someone tell me how can i exporting game from blender 2.6 wich include textures of all models, because i try to export projet as game engine but its appear without texture there is ony material:(:(:(:(:frowning:
thanks for all.

What version R you using? 2.6_?
Are you using the addon?
And what are you using, Windows, Mac, Linux.

hai , thanks for your replay
my os is fedora 17 linux & blender 2.62 , & yes use add on export asgameengine

  1. File -> External Data -> Pack into .blend file
  2. Save your file
  3. Save as runtime, don’t forget the create a folder for it because it will copy a lot of files for a standalone. (will fall under GPL as packed all together)
    3 B) If you don’t want it to fall under GPL use something like BBPlayer, can be found on these forums somewere.