Exporting back to ArcScene


I am trying to create surfaces in Blender using data from ArcScene. Using BlenderGIS I have imported my shapefile, exploded the polygons and lofted the ones I want together and smoothed them. I have tried exporting this as a collada file back into ArcScene but the result is just a mash of polygons that the software cannot interpret even though it thinks it can.

I guess the question here is how do I export a model from Blender back into ArcScene, preferably rectified if possible. I have attached an example of the file I am trying to put into ArcScene here SurfaceforArcScene.blend (595 KB).

Thanks in advance for any help,


ArcGIS may only support simple 3d objects. It will not be feasible for complex model. Waiting for ESRI to go further in the direction of BIM.