exporting .blend files to a useable .avi format

Hi all! I am a newbie to blender. yes, ugggh…another newbie…But hey, we all started somewhere! I have created a short (600 frame) file and after 5 hours, I completed the rendering process. I can only open the file in Blender. I can not figure out how to export this file or open it in any other program that will allow me to convert it to an .avi or .wmv format. I have a few different video editors, but none support the .blend file extension.
I have a feeling I screwed up prior to the first rendering and did not set the output for raw avi. Any suggestions??

The blend file is not a video format. You need to render your animation to a format and location as specified in the render output settings. What format did you specify for your render output ? You can found the animation in the render output location settings.
Rendering Options http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.5/Manual/Render/Output_Options
Rendering animations http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.5/Manual/Render/Animations
Don’t select avi raw for your final output, that is used as an intermediate format you can use for furter post processing before your final render output

ok, so does this mean that I need to render the file again? uggghhhhh!! It took almost 6 hours to render it the first time. I also see and opensource GL2 format. can this be rendered as an .avi format> The .blend file I created works great within blender!! I just need to know how to get it out!! :slight_smile:

Use the output from your first render, they’ll be located in the output location you set. What format did you set in the render output settings.

It looks like I saved it as a JPEG RGB

Use those. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGapXgrLOnI
Jpg is a bad format as it lossy format. In future use a lossless image format such as .png

That’s where I am stuck. I have the file and can see it, but as it is a .blend file, blender is the only program I can open it with. I dont know how to save it as any other format short of rendering it again as a different format

The blend file is the file you open in blender it is nothing to do with a video format and only blender will open it. It is the rendered image/video that you can play. Read the links earlier to understand this. What is the file you actually rendered. If it was set to jpg you would have a series of jpg images in the location that it says in the render output panel. Post the blend file here or somewhere like http://www.pasteall.org/blend/

I can not find the render files as individuals. Only as one file.

Found them!!! :slight_smile:

ok, this guys video is on a mac and his programs are all mac based. I have a window os (Window 7)