exporting blender animations to 3dsmax?

hi - as expected i need to export blender animations to 3dsmax for further exporting but i don’t know which limitations i have at this procedure.and which fileformat i should take to keep it as original as possible. i want to import a whole set of actions for one model.
does anybody know the best way to do that?

can nobody help? i want to use blender and not 3dsmax - the exportation shouldn’t be a huge problem, or?

I think you are stuck.

You can always export to OBJ, but that doesn’t get you any animation.

Until Blender has the FBX inport and export working, Blender will be an island compared to other 3D applications.

thanks for your replay but i think blender has already some good export-/import-plugins -at least i believe that because i never tried so far for anything animated/complex :slight_smile: - i just don’t know which i should use for best compability. i just checked and i see a FBX export plugin that you talked about? i think my first choice would have been md3 or md5…